There is plenty of information on the internet to advise you of the rules and the odds you are up against for any given Casino game. There are also plenty of decent and reliable strategies that will help reduce the house edge for you. For example, check the payout tables in Video Poker and the payout percentage rates for online slots games. They will vary from Casino to Casino. Avoid getting on the Systems bandwagon. You know the "systems" you've read about or heard about. These are the ones that are supposed to be a sure-fire way to beat your favourite casino games.

To put it bluntly, they are rubbish! Only a rigged game is going to guarantee that you will end up winning at a Casino game. As for fancy betting systems? If you insist on trying them out then try them out on a "Free" game for a while and see how you go. You'll be thanking us for the good advice If you want to win then know the odds of your game and play appropriately.

Ok it may not be as exciting or thrilling but unless you can afford to lose then knowing the odds is you key to minimizing losses. KEEP YOUR WINNINGS Make sure you have a plan as to when you are going to stop playing. Some people call it quits when they're up by 50%. Some when they've doubled their money. Others jump ship when the tide turns and they lose 30% of their winnings. Whatever your break-point, it's important to have one and stick to it. Otherwise you'll just keep playing until you have nothing left of the money you won or started with. I used to be a croupier and trust me; Greedy players make the biggest losers! PLAY WITH WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE Yes I said lose and I hate to put a downer on it all but hey? TheCasinoweblog cares ok ... Newsflash people!! The Casinos, online and land based do not depend on luck to stay in business. I know you already know this but virtually every bet you make in whatever game you play, the house's take is designed right into the rules of the game. And that edge generally means they'll be the winner a lot more often than you will be. You will be able to find and play games where the house edge is 1.5% or less but you'll have to do your homework to find them.

Sites like Thecasinoweblog are a good place to start your education, but never forget that the casinos are in the business of taking your money from you. You do realize that Gambling either online or in a land based Casino is designed for entertainment and not a way to make Money. Never forget that ok! Have you ever heard the term, Play the Game, not the Gimmicks? What I mean by this is take the "insurance" bet in Blackjack for example. The house edge is around 6%. Uh huh!... and the side bet in Caribbean Stud.... over a 25% house edge. Ok, where's this going? I am trying to say "forget the gimmicks" ok, they'll cost you big time. They are sucker bets... period! HAVE A BUDGET Have a budget and stick to it. Let's say for example that you've got $600 and you expect to gamble three times a week for the next couple weeks. That's $100 per session and that's your budget for any given session.

Put the rest away, forget about it and enjoy the money you've got in front of you. DO NOT touch any other cash. If you lose on the day, walk away and come back the next time you have planned for. YOU BOOZE YOU LOOSE! Gambling whilst drinking alcohol is the quickest way to ensure you lose all your money. Why do you think the brick-and-mortar casinos give the drinks away? Simply because you will probably get a bit drunk and lose your inhibitions and therefore lose your money quicker that's why. DON'T GAMBLE WITH SACRED MONEY If you can't afford to lose it, don't use it. Rent Money in your pocket in a Casino is called "scared money" because that's what you'll be if you get it out into the open and onto a Table.

If you are gambling with money you shouldn't be gambling with then you may need professional counselling. Don't hesitate to seek it please! Serious, you can get into all sorts of crappy situations so just do it! ENJOY YOURSELF Unless you're a professional player with a proven track record in winning at Casino Games, you're playing for the pleasure and fun of it. For 98% of players, casino gambling is recreation. If the fun stops, you most definitely should to ok.

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