Dice games

Dice have existed for thousands of years and the games associated with them are quite simple and easy. Ancestral dice games have also influenced the modern games that evolved to this day and their popularity still lies in their simplicity.

The ancient dice games have been played for centuries and the inventor of the die itself is still a mystery to historians. The origin of dice is so old and there are many cultures having their own versions of dice games. Ancient Greeks have played dice games and Egyptian tombs have illustrations of their version of the game. It is also believed that the Chinese domino is a form of dice game.

The dice was also used for deciding rulers, for predicting the future and dividing of properties. In the past, dice and other minute objects were cast to predict the future and this activity was named cleromancy. The ancient dice was crude and mostly found in nature; some dice that were used were pebbles, human or animal bones, seashells, fruit stones or seed, and all others.

The modern dice became a part of gambling games. Casinos use casino dice which is different from the standard dice. The standard dice is cubical which has punctured dots on all its sides and numbered one to seven. It also has rounded edges which make it roll easily. The casino dice is perfect in shape and the holes are filled with substance to equal the weight of each side. There are other kinds of dice like the crooked, loaded and polyhedral dice.

One of most exciting dice games in the casino is craps. The object of the game is to get a seven or an eleven, which is a win or craps, by shooting the dice. Grand Hazard is another dice game, but this game uses three dice. The object of grand hazard is to be on the result of the rolled dice.

Some dice games employ shooting of the dice and whatever result from it, would be the basis of the win. In the game of craps the dice is shot to a board and when it falls back, the side facing up is the determinant of the win. Players have their own technique in controlling the result of the game. They employ rhythmic rolling were the dice is held in a way to get the desired outcome. However, this technique needs skill and practice.

Rolling the dice is another way to manipulate the result of the game. The player usually throws the dice in a certain precision calculated to get the desired outcome. But rolling the dice is difficult especially when the player is in a highly-surveillanced casino.

To some people who do not play any dice game, there is still a way to enjoy and have fun with it. Collecting all sorts of dice can be relaxing and fun for the enthusiast.

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