Let's play Let It Ride

The maker of automatic shuffling machines for casinos, Shuffle Master Inc., created the game Let It Ride. It was first introduced in casinos in 1993 and gained popularity right away because the game offers a good probability for high pay outs. It is slower than black jack and a player is dealt about 40 hands per hour. Players enjoy Let It Ride because it creates a fun atmosphere, no need to beat the dealer and other players, and the game can be learned easily. For first-timers, here's how to play Let It Ride. The game is played on a table similar to the one used for blackjack. There are three circles; marked 1, 2 and a dollar sign; in front of each player on the table. A player starts the game by placing three equal bets in each circle. Three cards are dealt at one time by the Shuffle Master machine and the dealer places the three-card hand in front of each player. The dealer then discards one card after giving the cards to each of the players, leaving two cards face down in front of him. When the remaining cards are counted out and discarded by the machine, the players are allowed to look at their three-card hand. The players have the option to take back their bets in circle 1 or Let It Ride. Players take back their bets by scraping the cards toward them or by making a brushing motion. The dealer will turn up the first of the two community cards in front of him after all the players have made their decision. This card is considered as the fourth card for all the player's hands. The player now has the option of taking down a second bet or Let It Ride. Remember that the first bet cannot be touched after letting it ride. Only the second bet can be taken down at this point. The second community card completes the five-card hand for every player and it is turned once the players have made their second bets. The dealer will pay all the winning bets according to the pay table. Players can make extra side bet for a dollar when playing Let It Ride. When certain hands are made, the side bets can still be made for a bonus payoff. The bonus payoffs may vary from one casino to another. With Let it Ride, many players go home a winner.

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