Lucky 9!

Historically � Lucky 9 is believed to have been originated in Italy and during the time of Charles VIII of France (ruled 1483-1498). As beginners, we start with the Basic Baccarat known as Lucky 9.

It is one of the commonly played household card games. The objective of baccarat is to have a total card value of 9. Numbered cards (including aces) take their original value except for 10, which has a value of zero. Face cards also have a null value.

To win a baccarat game is to out-value the banker. Some casinos gain 5% of the banker's winnings if he wins. How are the cards dealt? The player receives a card first then alternately with the banker. Minimum of 4 cards are drawn (two for each player). What if the sum of the card values is above 9? Well in Blackjack it is a bust - or you automatically lose the game. In baccarat there is a "minus ten rule." For example, you get a 7 and 6, the sum is definitely 13. So you're over 9 but since there is a minus 10 rule your value would be 3. 13 - 10 = 3.

If the total of the first two cards for either person is 8 or 9 (or sometimes referred as natural) then there are no more cards dealt (player and banker "stands" or need not to ask for an additional card). The scores are then compared to determine the winner. Whether more cards (the 3rd. to player or banker) are dealt if there is no natural is determined using the following table. Player's rules are checked first for the 3rd. card to player and then the banker's rules are checked for the 3rd. card to banker. If scores are the same then the result is a tie.

Below are typical baccarat situations: First, Both Banker and Player have card value of 8 or 9� advisable to stand. Second, for the player's initial 2 cards � If a total value of 0 to 5 always get another card. Otherwise stand. Third, for the baccarat banker's initial 2 cards � If a total value of 0 to 2 always get another card. Otherwise observe the opponent's hand.

There are other tips of course for playing Baccarat � different Baccarat tables and casinos has their own rules .. to learn more about the game, find it for yourself.

A little bit of trivia, did you know that James Bond plays baccarat on one of his films? Check it out...

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