Random Number Generator

Online Casinos have some challenging tasks, and that is to implement simulation of games that are as near to the real thing as possible. They are taking into consideration many factors such as the sounds, realistic graphics, the same rules, and accurate simulations of how the games are played in a conventional casino.

Since 3000 B.C. random number generators, which first appeared in Egypt, have evolved dramatically. This new technology has opened a new epoch in the gaming industry. Online casinos have simulated the random number generator (the "RNG").

Normally, the casino has an advantage over the player. When you see a poker machine that says it pays better than 100 percent, how can you be prepared for it, and how can you take advantage of it?

The secret is to learn the function of the random number generator in the game you play in reaching results in the game.

The RNG has two basic rules: 1. Every number in an array of numbers must have a balanced chance of being picked. 2. All numbers chosen must be selected independently of all other numbers chosen.

There is a difference between the number that has been actually chosen and the chance a certain number has of being chosen. The second statement (#2) above refers to the guarantee of the same opportunity to every number.

The point is: if all numbers are ensured to be selected precisely the same number of times, and then it would not be random anymore. But it is possible that a specific number can be chosen repeatedly.

The "Linear Congruential Method" is the name for the common method in random number generating. There is another method that is called the "Addictive Congruential Method". Both of these methods bring forth a sequence of numbers, when used correctly will exhibit the random properties desired.

Here's the catch: Before you make your way to playing video/online games, there are a few things that you should consider. Knowing the number random generator does not guarantee that you will win every game you play. First you should know the rules of the game perfectly. Mistakes have a cost, as casinos are set up to have an advantage over you.

The second thing to remember about the Random Number Generator is that it also does not guarantee future results. Meaning, if you don't hit the jackpot today there is no assurance that you will hit the jackpot tomorrow.

Make sure you have enough money to support your playing. Nothing inside the casino is for certain. Always keep your guard up, and master the basic rules of the game you are playing.

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