Rules of Oklahoma Gin

Oklahoma gin is a two-player variation of gin rummy which makes use of a regular 52-card deck. Players aim to accumulate a set of cards (such as triples, flush, straight) in order to score a point. The game proceeds over several rounds.

A dealer is randomly selected to deal the initial round; as the game progresses, the winner of every round becomes the next dealer. The dealer shuffles the deck and distributes ten cards to every player. Players should glance and arrange their cards.

The eleventh card is turned facing up at the center of the table to comprise the discard pile.

The card plays a vital role because it determines the highest number of points a player can keep in his hand when he knocks. The cards that are left are turned facing down beside the discard pile which makes up the draw pile.

A regular turn in gin rummy is made up of two parts. In the first part, you must get a card which may be the top card from the draw pile or from the discard pile. Then, you must dispose of one card into the discard pile.

At the initial move of every round, the non-dealer decides whether or not to get the top card. When said player does not, the dealer may get the card. If any of the other players gets the card, he must replace that card by discarding a card from his pile and then the remaining player makes his move. If the two players rejected the card, the non-dealer continues the game by selecting the top card of the draw deck.

The round is concluded when a player "knocks." Such move can ensue on any move after drawing but prior to disposing. A knock ensues when there is a set formed, a single card discarded and have corresponding amount of points left in his hand.

Every player computes the amount of their unmatched cards. When the count of the knocker is lesser, the knocker accumulates the difference among the two counts.

If the knocker has no gin, but the amount is equal or the value of the knocker's hand is higher than the opponent's then an undercut occurs. The opponent of the knocker gets 10 points including the difference among the amounts.

If there are no unmatched cards, then the player has gone gin and takes 25 points. Furthermore, the opponent is not allowed to score a point, even his opponent is left with no matching cards. The round is declared a draw when a couple of cards are left in the draw pile following a discard and no player scores a knock. The same player is the dealer again.

More rounds are played until a player accumulates more than 100 points, in which case he is the winner.

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