New Hopes for the Online Gambling Industry

by Chris Kurtis

After the big blow given by the Senate and the House of Representatives to the online gambling industry and enforced by our President George Bush - hopefully for him he will not be again the victim of another "Miserable Failure" Google bomb – the hopes come from the good old continent: Europe.

It seems that the EU authorities have already realized that it is much better to have the online gambling legalized than banned. Many fellow Americans have insisted that our government should do the same here but to no avail. It has been discussed in all the media the dangers this new kind of prohibition implies, that on the long run it will do harm. Yet, the Europeans seem to move faster than we do in this field. They try to find viable solutions to a phenomenon that our federal government saw it appropriate to forbid. It is like killing a wild horse because you are incapable of breaking it in. The waste is obvious.

But internet casinos will eventually weather the storm as calm waters are on the horizon. Some of the online gambling protagonists plan mergers, or look for new markets. Also, it seems that Great Britain would no longer simply row in the same boat with the US – I would remind you that two of the biggest online gambling operators are based in UK, that would be just one of the reasons .

Tessa Jowell, the British Culture Secretary considered that Europe should consider a different approach to that of the US, otherwise the whole online gaming industry would go underground. In an attempt to deal with the issue of online gambling representatives from 30 countries answered to Jowell invitation and assembled near London to discuss on the issue of gambling. This is still in the project phase and the most important matters on the list were to impose better age verification systems, awareness of gambling addiction, and interdiction to accept bets from states where online gambling is forbidden. This is still not good for us, US gamblers but it is a good example of what our legislators could do. There are always alternatives, it's just that one should attempt to find them.

After all, it's really odd that in the era of communication and Internet we are not allowed to exercise our right to spend our money wherever and however we see it fit, that is especially online. Maybe next time we will no longer be allowed to buy tickets online to locations outside the States because we should spend our cash at home.

Thumbs up for the EU nations as they surely have beaten the US both at online < a href="">gambling regulations and also it seems that democracy is more at home in Europe than in our own backyard.

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