When Gambling Addiction Kicks In

A gambling addiction is as serious as any other addiction as it can destroy one's life and have serious repercussions on their family and friends. It needs to be treated and quickly but how do we know when we become addicted? Is there a fine line and how do we know that we’ve crossed it? Most people who gamble are prepared to spend a considerable amount of money, but they are fully aware how big their budget is. They stop when they have lost a certain amount, however, there are people who don't keep the limits in mind. They spend more money on online gambling than they can actually afford.

The first step into curing such a problem is to admit you have one and to actually confide in someone you trust. You’re telling someone else is the ultimate confirmation needed to start addressing the problem more seriously, and you will also have a person you trust with you. And you better start talking when you notice the followings:

Spend too much time on the online casinos

Lose too much money on gambling

Cannot satisfy obligations at work, school or at home anymore (neglect of children, doing bad work, be absent a lot, etc)

Influence your life and that of others negatively

Feel bad about it

Gambling becomes a way of forgetting your problems

Distract yourself with an activity that will completely take your mind off gambling, do something outdoors, where you get some fresh air, unwind, and let loose as anyone who has dealt with an addiction know that it is a constant, ongoing battle. To avoid relapses, you need to keep a certain routine to continuously fight the temptation; however, this requires a lot of self-discipline and motivation from the gambler.

If a person can't do it on his own, there are several possibilities to get help, so there are self-help groups run by Gambling Anonymous (GA). They work more or less the same way as the Alcohol Anonymous groups (AA) and the basic thought of these groups is that you have an addiction problem and will always have an addiction problem, even if you never drink alcohol again or don't gamble anymore.

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