Keno: If It's Free Play It!!

Keno is one of the oldest gambling games that exist today. Keno came about when the Han Dynasty became short on funds to support their wars. Chinese people of the Han Dynasty refused to pay anymore tax so to raise money emperor Cheung Leung decided to entice the people instead in a game of chance.

The game of chance he invented was what we now call keno. Although the game of old used 1000 Chinese characters and would confuse the average non-Chinese player. The game later on evolved in China and used 80 Chinese characters instead.

The game was brought to America by Chinese immigrants and the curious Americans started to take notice of this exciting game of chance. When the Chinese saw that the Americans were interested in playing, they changed the Chinese characters into normal numbers to broden interest.

Now Keno is making another evolution. With the rise of the Internet comes online Keno. Online Keno is played the same way as land based keno but sites now offer free keno to interested players to get their interest before asking for money.

Free keno is one of the best ways to enjoy this great game. Free keno lets you play for unlimited amounts of time without having to shell out a dime. They say that nothing in our world come free today. Well with free keno it's definitely free and one should take advantage of that.

Some people will say that because the game is free there will be something wrong with it. There is only a slight truth to that statement when it comes to free keno. But it would be a pretty bad reason not to try out something for free. Players should try out free keno to see for themselves what they are truly missing.

Finding a keno game online is even easier as well. Instead of looking all over town to play keno, one can simply log on the Internet. In fact there will be thousands of sites out there that offer online keno. That's why websites offer free keno for players. This lets players see for themselves if the website they will play keno on is worth investing some cash in to.

Since free keno is played without shelling any money, don't expect to win a prize. But there are some free keno games out there that offer prizes too. But the form of prizes at free keno are usually in the form of casino credits.

How these casino credits are used varies from one online casino to the next. That's why it's great to play free keno because there are times it gives you these credits. You'll be one of a kind if you ever got free credits at a land based casino for not spending even a single penny!

Bottom line is to expect nothing but entertainment in playing free keno games online. Anything beyond that is just considered to be a bonus. So take some time off and try free keno games online. What have you got to lose anyway?

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