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In may 2003 Israeli army sources recommended the government considering a re-opening of the Oasis casino in Jericho, a gesture to the new Palestinian prime-minister Abu Mazen. After the casino was closed for more then two years, the sources thought it will help the economy status in the city, who was considered to be the most quiet since the beginning of the conflict. The sources predicted that if is Israel will allow re-opening the casino, Israelis will come again to gamble in big amounts, but not in the amounts of the past.

Before 2000 a number of buses drove to the oasis casino every day from many spots in Israel. Thousands of Israelis came to gamble in the casino and play the different casino games like roulette, blackjack, poker and many more

The Israeli parliament member Ofir Pinnes said: "Israel must not allow to open the casino, the casino do not bring the peace process forward in any way, it just harms it and in the Israelis. We need to allow the opening and the entrance of Israelis to the casino only when we will have peace with the Palestinians.

The peace seems to be far, meanwhile Israelis gamblers can use online casinos on their computer at their home. Without fear of terror attacks or troubles with the army with online casinos Israelis can now enjoy the games and earn money.

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