Since the year 2000 the online gambling market in Israel has grown by more than 1000 percent. One of the main reasons for the growth is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict started at September 2000.

The terror was all over, blood was shattered in the streets and people preferred to stay in their homes. In 10.10.2000 the Israeli army closed Oasis casino, the only casino in the Palestinian authority and in the area of Israel. The heavy gamblers continued to arrive to Jericho even after the army closed the area. Terrorists groups used the casino area as a shelter for their weapons and even fired Israeli forces from the building of the casino and building near by. The heavy gamblers even stayed to sleep at Jericho while ignoring the army warnings.

Major Yaakov mendy or said that the Israelis who went to the casino financed the weapon of the Palestinian authority and risked their own life the casino had lost million of dollars every day, some of the money was suppose to move striate to the hands of the Palestinian authority.

In his good days Oasis casino was full in Israelis who came to gamble and experience a real casino not far from their home. But now the gamblers had to find a new solution, and online gambling was the answer. No need in flights or long trips to other countries, just the gambler and the computer and a new exciting world of online casinos opened to a wide audience.

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